Up and over garage doors -

Up and over garage doors
Retractable and canopy up-and-over garage doors

Up and over garage doors

Enhance the appearance of your home with the addition of a high quality up and over garage door. As one of the UK’s most popular and most recognisable garage door designs, the up and over garage is an affordable and attractive aesthetic addition to any home.

The up and over door design does exactly what it implies; built from a single panel in your choice of material, including steel, fibreglass, aluminium, or GRP, this panel can go up and over the opening in one piece.

First Home Improvements can also create bespoke sized up and over garage doors, so even if you require a custom replacement double garage door, then our up and over options are the perfect solution.

Our up and over garage doors have been designed for maximum durability, reliability and come with the highest security technology as standard. They are available in a variety of styles including, canopy and retractable up and over. You can also customise your garage door by choosing from a range of designs including, vertical, horizontal, Georgian, then select from a selection of garage door colours and show your homes quality curb appeal.

First Home Improvements garage doors are finished to the highest quality giving you a maintenance-free product, all with a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind. Request a quote today and our expert team will help you choose the perfect garage door for your home.

Benefits of Up and Over Garage Doors

There are many benefits to having up and over doors installed including, affordability, accessibility and security:

Easy To Use

These manual garage doors are easy to operate; just push the door from the top and it will open outwards and then pivot back into your garage.

Custom Made

Modern up and over garage doors are available in a range of different materials, sizes, colours and attractive styles, with panelled or a textured look so you can tailor your garage door to match the exterior of your home.

Strong and Secure

Our up and over garage doors are very sturdy, secure, low maintenance and come with long-lasting sub-frames built to stand the test of time.

Affordable Options

As the UK’s most popular type of garage door, the up and over door mechanism is one of the simplest to make, therefore, up and over garage doors offer excellent value for money.

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Canopy up-and-over garage doors

When canopy garage doors are opened, they stay straight as they roll up smoothly, the spring mechanism at the top lifts the door panel at the side and forming a canopy.
A useful benefit of the canopy door is that there are no tracks running back into the garage when the door is closed. However, the swing-up arc of the door happens outside of the frame, so cars need to stop a few feet back.

This door type can be converted to be remote controlled but is expensive to convert since it requires additional equipment such as a motor. View our range of automatic/electric garage door options for easy remote control access.

Retractable up-and-over garage doors

An opened retractable garage door will fully retract back into the garage, unlike the canopy garage door which partially hangs over the outside. They typically run smoothly along horizontal tracks across the ceiling of the garage, these tracks that guide back into the garage, which reduces noise when opening and closing.

The retractable up and over garage door is an increasingly popular door type nowadays because they can be easily converted to remote control and are very reliable too.

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