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Conservatory Security

Conservatory Security

Conservatories are sometimes considered to be the weakest spot in terms of a home’s security, but this doesn’t have to be the case. It should be and can be as secure as any other room in your home.

A badly-constructed conservatory can make would-be burglars’ jobs a lot easier, so one of the best ways to keep yours secure is to use professional installers – and our teams are second to none on that score. Put simply, we put as much effort into the security of our conservatories as we do into that of our other products.

Our windows and doors comes with multi-point locking system as standard, giving you complete peace of mind. The details can be found on our Windows product page.

Locking Mechanism

Intelligently designed 11-Point locking system along with advanced gearbox technology.

Windows with Blade Lock

Our windows feature the new revolutionary Blade Lock as standard, the most secure lock on the market.

12 year warranty and insurance-backed

We offer a 12 year warranty and insurance-backed for peace of mind.


Our windows are tested to over 30,000 cycles and up to 42 years of use. Rigorously tested to BS7950 and beyond to achieve Secure by Design status.


The locks on our conservatory doors are of the same high standard as on our other doors, with multi-point high-security locking systems, and the window locks are secure, too.

All our conservatories incorporate a unique reinforced wall frame to give you market-leading levels of security, and we use toughened glass as standard.

Meanwhile, our uPVC frames don’t splinter in the way that wooden frames can.

It all means you get first-class security as well as top-notch quality and a stunning look.

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