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Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and Bay Windows

These designs provide extra space from the extended window sill, so making the room feel more open. It allows light to enter from each individual angle so passing more light into the room. It can become an ideal spot for a seating area or a place to read/sit in the natural light. To find out more about our Bow and Bay window options, then please contact us or fill in our Request a Quote form.

All bays and bows can incorporate casement and tilt & turn styles to suit your home.

Other key features and benefits of our bow and bay windows include;

  • Extensive choice of designs
  • Available in a variety of foiled finishes, both woodgrain and solid colours
  • Range of handle colours to complement the finish of your windows.
  • Wide range of glass designs, from leaded to Georgian bars.

Bow Windows

Typical bow window design with top canopy and underside centred support. Bow windows are comprised of 4-6 windows in soft arch shape with all windows generally the same dimensions.

Bay Windows

Typical bay window design contouring shape of building creating internal space. Bay Windows are comprised of 3 windows angled within an arch shape, the middle window is usually the larger one out of the three.

Bay Windows

Bay windows retain the traditional look of your home creating space, character and allowing light to flood your room. A typical bay window design contouring shape of the building creating internal space.

Bow Windows

Our Bow windows offer you the versatility of creating the illusion of space and depth by allowing more light into your home without the need for additional building work. A typical bow window has a top canopy and underside centred support.

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