Our roofline products
Durable, weatherproof and stylish

Our roofline products
Top-quality guttering, bargeboards, fascias and soffits


High quality roofline products at competitive prices

First Home Improvements are the expert UK installers of uPVC soffits and fascias, guttering, drainpipes, bargeboards and cladding and understand that these uPVC roofline products are essential when it comes to protecting your home from the elements.

The roofline is the place where your roof meets your house and is the most vulnerable area of a building as it is exposed to all British weather, potentially causing blocked gutters, decaying timbers and rot. Our uPVC roofline products, guttering, downpipes, fascias, soffits and bargeboards are the answer to this problem, a permanent cure that not only removes the worry of expensive timber replacement but also eliminates the need for repainting.

By replacing your external timber with a quality uPVC roofline, you can forget about the endless round of repairing and repainting. It will never crack, peel or flake. It will never need a coat of paint or preservative – it comes with its own waterproof skin that will only ever need an occasional wash.

Features and benefits

Choosing roofline products will ensure you have superb quality material along with our watertight insurance-backed guarantee. Providing the right products for the right job is essential for a quality installation. We have put together a package of roofline products from fascias to fixings and from soffits to sealants each meticulously selected and rigorously tested to ensure you get the best roofline possible.

Other benefits include:

  • Beautifully crafted sculptured designs
  • Low maintenance products
  • A 10-year warranty (insurance-backed)
  • A wide choice of colours

Stylish with a finishing touch

Add a stylish touch to your home with new uPVC fascias, soffits, guttering, downpipes and bargeboards. Choose from a range of distinctive designs and colours, all of which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. Together with our range of featured soffit boards, this will give your home a unique individual look. To complete the transformation of your home, we can replace your old gutters and downpipes with a new uPVC rainwater system.

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Fascias and soffits

A soffit is a covering that sits between the outer edges of your roof and the adjacent wall of the house, protecting and sealing the rafter feet. If your roof has a soffit (not all roofs do), you can see it if you stand underneath the overhang of your roof and look up.

The fascia is placed at the spot where the roof meets an outer wall (“the roofline”). Fascias, or fascia boards, are long straight boards found at the lower edge of the roof and are fixed directly to roof trusses. Fascias work to support the last row of tiles or other roofing material as well as supporting the guttering.

Rather than capping the existing fascias and soffits in the way that some installers do, we remove them. If the soffit boards are sealed to window frames, we remove them carefully so we can gain access behind the boards. The exposed rafters are checked for rot. The timber fascias and plastic gutters are removed and we recycle them.

Materials and Installation

Your materials matter

Unlike windows and doors, the roofline is sometimes an afterthought for homeowners.

This is partly because although we have day-to-day use of our windows and doors, our roofline is often out-of-sight above us. And it’s partly because while everyone knows what a window and a door is, not everyone understands all the different components of roofline furniture.

Here at First, we believe that a great-quality roofline is as important a feature for your home as top-notch windows and doors.

So what is your roofline – and why is it so important?

Fascias, soffits and bargeboards

They might not be part of your everyday conversational language but they are terms that describe different types of your roof furniture.

Our uPVC fascias are the boards that run beneath the roof. They are important for several reasons:

  • They provide a cover for the fittings underneath, keeping the water out
  • They help keep your tiles secure
  • They provide a smart, uniform finish along the bottom of the roof

Soffits run between the bottom of the fascias and your outside wall. Like fascias, soffits play several roles, including keeping things waterproof and leaving the bottom of your roof looking smart.

They are usually the most visible component of your roofline, and our top-quality soffits help give your home a smart look as well as providing protection against all types of weather.

Bargeboards play the same role as fascias, but they are often more decorative as they used on a roof’s gables.

They hide and protect the exposed material underneath, and smart bargeboards can be the icing on the cake when it comes to planning a smart finish to the roofline of your home.

Guttering and downpipes

These terms are more widely understood – but just because everyone knows what gutters and drainpipes are doesn’t mean everyone appreciates the importance of fitting top-quality products.

Your gutters and downpipes will help get rid of all the water that lands on your roof, and will protect your property from water damage for years to come.

For each 10 square feet of roof you have, every inch of rain that falls will mean about six gallons of water landing on your home. That’s why having good-quality guttering is crucial.

Failing to have a decent system in place can lead to roof damage and further damage to your walls. Over time, it can cause problems for your foundations, too, which can prove to be very expensive.

And if you have a basement, you face further problems if you don’t have a proper system in place – in a worst-case scenario, you’ll be flooded.

Given all these risks, it’s easy to see how settling for inferior guttering and downpipes can be a false economy. At First, our competitively-priced products coupled with our handy finance options mean top-quality products are available for any budget. They all come with our insurance-backed guarantees, so you can be sure the quality will last.