Door security
Our advanced technology gives complete peace of mind

Secure doors

About two in every three burglaries involves a break-in via the door, which means that high-performance security is a key feature of all our doors.

Our intelligently-designed multi-point lock technology, along with advanced gearbox technology, gives complete peace of mind.

The facts and the figures:

11-point locking system

for maximum security and peace of mind

2 pre-compressed rollers

allowing the door to seal prior to hooks engaging for smooth operation

2 steel hooks and 1 deadbolt

to maximise strength.

2 anti-lift bolts

preventing door lock being dislodged from keeps

1 centre latch

for ease of day-to-day operation, with engaging dead bolts and locks for added security

3 high-security hinges

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Door Security

Although we are proud of what our doors look like, their A+ energy-efficiency and their durability, the most important thing for you will be security.

Impressing the visitors you want to welcome into your home is one thing, but keeping out unwanted guests is vital.

That is why our doors are designed with the highest security specifications, including 11-point locking systems. They meet all industry standards, which means they have demonstrated effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime.

As well as the industry-leading locking system, all our uPVC doors have three opposing steel hooks to maximise their strength; anti-lift bolts that prevent the locks from being dislodged from the keeps on the frame; and centre latches for day-to-day use.

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