Georgian Bar Windows

Georgian bar windows are windows fitted with unique glazing bars to give the impression of individual panes of glass in a distinctively traditional Georgian style from the 18th century. They are applied either horizontally or vertically to produce a grid pattern. Georgian bar windows work well in all kinds of property and offer all the benefits associated with most modern windows.

Georgian bar windows elegantly open up the interior of your home by allowing natural light in. The smaller panes of glass can also act as a deterrence to intruders, increasing security and privacy for your home without limiting the natural light that enters your home.  Our Georgian bar windows are double glazed making them thermally efficient, keeping the warm air inside your home and ensuring the cold air stays out. The addition of Georgian bars does not have a negative effect on the window’s thermal efficiency.

Georgian bars are placed inside the glass panes of the window so you can’t actually feel them. The bars have to be inserted during the manufacturing process prior to the double glazing unit being gassed and sealed. Astragal bars are a lower-cost option where the bars are placed outside the window which means they can be felt on the surface of the window. Our Georgian bar windows are a stronger and more authentic alternative to astragal bars.

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