Conservatory roof replacement
Roof lanterns, flat roofs and tiled warm roofs

Conservatory roof replacement

Are you looking to replace your conservatory roof, or maybe change it to a roof that lets in more light? Whatever the reason, we have a roofing solution that will meet your requirements.

Whether you have a conservatory or orangery, we have a wide choice of roofing options available that will enable you to improve and enjoy the space further, either by improving the natural light that enters the room or by adding further insulation in the roof that keeps the space a steady temperature all year round. There are many benefits to replacing the conservatory roof, enabling you to use the space in a more functional and practical way.

Choose from a flat roof design with optional glass panels (similiar to windows) to let in some light, we have roof lanterns that can cover the whole area or a partial area depending on size and requirements. We also offer warm roofs as an option providing added insulation and enabling you to have a tiled roof to match the roof of your home and its appearance.

Take a look at some of the options we have available.

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Roof Lanterns

This roofing option allows a huge amount of natural light to flood into the space, perfect for sunny skies in the day and great views of the stars at night. Depending on the size of your conservatory/orangery, they can be created in different sizes or multiple units to suit your needs.

Conservatory tiled roof / Warm roof

Choose a warm roof for added insulation and a tiled roof that matches your home and appearance.

Flat roof

Flat roof enables you to have added insulation and allowing for a roof that can be plastered and decorated in the same way as your walls. This design also offers the option to have glazing panels added so you can let some natural light into the space. It also means you can include ceiling spot lights if you wish.

Personalise your conservatory roof

With all the roofing options available that includes glass, there are many glazing options available as part of the installation. Choose from:

Solar control glass

  • Intelligent glass reflects over 60% of the sun’s solar energy, so it won’t be unbearably hot in the summer
  • Solar glare is reduced to create a beautiful ambient environment
  • It gives twice the insulation of ordinary double glazing.
  • It helps reduce energy costs and keeps your conservatory warmer in the cold months.

Self-cleaning glass

  • A self-clean coating with a microscopic film that helps daylight and rainwater breakdown and wash away the dirt and grime from the glass
  • Manual cleaning is significantly reduced due to the self-cleaning technology

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