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uPVC Casement Windows Are Both Attractive and Durable

Our range of casement uPVC windows are our most popular design, offering security, energy efficiency and are available in a multitude of styles, colours and finishes to enhance the look of your home. Whichever style you choose, you’ll find our casement windows aren’t just pleasing on the eye, they’re practical too. Minimal maintenance means their good looks will last well into the future.

uPVC Features and Benefits

All our casement windows feature-energy efficient glazing and high security Blade locks as standard. Furthermore, our unique high performing ActivSeal ensures your windows will perform year after year. Available in a variety of foiled finishes, both woodgrain and a choice of solid colours.

uPVC Casement Window Styles & Designs

Multiple window openings
Double side and double top hung, opening outwards

Multiple window openings (French Casement)
Double side hung, opening outwards.

Multiple window openings
Double side hung, opening outwards.


Tested to over 30,000 cycles and up to 42 years of use, long lasting with a 12 year warranty. Rigorously tested to BS7950 and beyond to achieve Secure by Design status.

Chartwell Green Window With Plant on Georgian Bars

An exciting range of finishes, a vast array of glazing options and door furniture to suit every taste. The choice is yours – make a design statement.

The range is available in variety of finishes/colours including white, rosewood, golden oak and a range of solid colours as standard or any colour of your choice and can be combined with your choice of glass design including Georgian square, stained or diamond lead.

Also available: Bespoke designs, Vertical Slider/Sash, Tilt & Turn, Bay and Bow windows. To find out more, Request a Quote using our form.

Our Replacement Windows

The advancement in energy efficient technology is definitely one of the 21st century’s technological advancements. With the need to reduce energy consumption the building materials industry in constantly looking for more eco-friendly materials who in turn improve housing quality, comfort and safety. It is in this sense in which construction companies started using PVC or polyvinyl chloride – an extremely versatile polymer. As a matter of fact, this material is so useful that is an essential component in several products we use daily like kitchen appliances, white goods, cars, in fact almost every home will have some element of uPVC in them.

We offer a wide range of uPVC windows including casement, vertical sash, tilt & turn, bow & bay windows. Contact us or Request a Quote to find our more about our full range.

What is it?
The flexibility of PVC is what led to the creation of uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride also known as rigid PVC, this is a special blend and unique combination created to use in the production of windows and doors. What makes uPVC special is that unlike other window materials, it does not have any BPA or phthalates which combined with its stability makes it safer than any other in the market. Nowadays the use of uPVC is becoming increasingly popular, being the material of choice of new constructions across the world, so much so that it accounts for more than half of the windows produced in UK and European Union, as well like countries across the world. Despite its widespread use it is one of the least known construction materials, that is why the purpose of this article is to demystify uPVC windows and tell you everything you need to know about it and its purchase.

uPVC is most popular in the window’s market, but it is also used to make frames and sills, cladding, fascia and plumbing materials like pipes and guttering. Its first appearance as a construction material came with the creation of the uPVC windows in the mid 1970’s in the UK. At first they were wanted for the lightness of the material, but as they started to use them many other benefits became apparent; like the fact that they are great thermal insulators, reduce noise and are extremely aesthetically pleasing.

Production process
In order to make uPVC a suitable material to use instead of wood or metal for a window, the chemical is subjected to several additives and stabilizers. this regularly comprise metallic component combined with organic compound, without the use of the metal in its simple form, instead soaps and metal salts are used. The use of special heat and UV stabilizers is the most essential process in creating uPVC windows.

The main part of a uPVC window is sections of profile; profile is produced PVC is molten and passed through the precision die to produce the flatness and straightness that characterizes uPVC, once it is cooled can be cut at length. After which both sections of the profile are first cut and then joined together in order to complete the shape of the window.

Following this, the pieces of profile fusioned together by using T-joint connectors, are cut together to the perfect size. To finalize this stage sections of steel and aluminium reinforcements are fixed inside in order to reinforce it with additional strength.

Windows and their benefits
The first benefit is that uPVC windows require a lot less maintenance than regular glass windows, besides being easily cleaned with water and detergent and being less prone to grease marks, this windows don’t need any sealing or painting, which means after installed you never have to give it another thought. Another advantage is that thanks to the nature of the material uPVC windows are extremely tough and resistant, as mentioned before uPVC have been used in water and sewer pipes for several decades, this means that it is a strong and durable material that can handle extreme amounts of pressure and weight, which makes this windows practically unbreakable. Good uPVC windows are ultraviolet rays resistant, which means that it won’t fade under a hard bright sun. This leads me to an even more impressive quality of uPVC, it is corrosion resistant which means it will never erode or rot maintaining its flawless appearance despite harsh weather and years of use.

Heat and insulation advantages
The next benefit of uPVC windows is that they bring thermal comfort to your home or business. uPVC is a very low conductor which means that it does not transmit energy well from one point to the other; this combined with a tight sealing makes uPVC windows the best choice for energy efficient homes and buildings. Since PVC does not conduct heat it does not transmit the warmth inside to the outside, it also does not transmit outside heat inside. Studies demonstrate that up to two thirds of a house temperature is either gained or lost through 3mm glass windows, which is only worsened by the metallic frames, proof of this can be found in touching a window in the winter, in contrast with the uPVC one, in the glass you can feel the outside temperature while in uPVC you cannot. The fact is that in winter glass windows accounts for the loss of 15 time more heat than houses that use uPVC windows and in summer they account for the gain of 25% of the heat. Furthermore, double glazing uPVC windows improve thermal comfort and resistance by over 90%, this is due to the air pocket that is created between the first and second glass panels, this provides a barrier that helps insulate the space helping regulate the interior temperature and keep the weather outside at bay.

Multi-directional openings
Continuing with our praise of uPVC windows, another positive trait is that this windows can be opened in any direction, this helps and makes possible of cross ventilation, it also helps in the creation of natural wind currents that help cool down the home in a completely energy efficient manner. The fact that they can tilt and turn also makes them adaptable to different types of windows and makes them space efficient. Furthermore their light designed and opening mechanism allows for any type of curtains to block in outside light.

Noise insulation
Another benefit of uPVC double glazing windows is that they are effective noise insulators. Outside noise is always an unwanted disturbance, generally for order to create effective noise barriers there is the need for great mass, density and low resonance capacity in order to either muffle or reflect the noise. In order to stop noise from travelling in the noise source needs to be interrupted by a material with excellent acoustic performance, the right amount of density which allows it to withstand traffic exposure and weather erosion. Even though it sounds like a simple feat finding the right noise insulating materials can be extremely complicated when meeting the requirements of a window, see through, light, small width and aesthetically pleasing material.

Since uPVC windows are created by welded profiles they have a multiple chamber structure which decreases its noise and heat conducting abilities by up to a 70%. These factors combined with the flexibility and endurance of the material are capable of creating a durable and light window with the surprising capacity of acoustic insulation, as a result of its noise reflective capacities. The use of double glazing effectively reduces noise up t00 45 dB, which improves your sleeping habit, enhances concentration and increases the value of your property.

Anti-corrosive properties
Besides their noise insulation capacities uPVC windows also resist salt erosion and all types of corrosion. This makes it perfect to use in coastal properties, as a matter of fact in coastal areas the use of these windows safes the owner up to seventy five percent in maintenance in a span of 10 years.

When talking about its safety features uPVC is a successful flame retardant, this inherent properties prevent the spread of fire. uPVC is a material that cannot support combustion, so much so that is the flame source is removed fire on a uPVC window will extinguish. To further their security measures, uPVC windows have a multi-licking system incorporated which provided an elevated sense of securities for homes and business. This windows lock in multiple points with an intricate system meant to enhance the endurance of the material. On top of that the resilience of the material makes it harder to brake enhancing its security measures.

The last benefit is that uPVC is a recyclable material. One of these windows can be recycled up to ten times. In places where this material has been used for over 30 years, it can be, although it rarely is, recycled. As a matter of fact there are several countries in the European Union and also Australia where the price they pay in recycling places over uPVC is almost fifty percent of its original price.

Maintenance and repair 
Even though this is a strong material that requires little maintenance they still need certain maintenance since they can sustain surface and structural damage. The following section will try to give the user a guide of the different repairs that a uPVC window can need.

Repairs can be divided into two categories: surface repairs and functional repairs
Surface repairs are the ones that take place when cosmetic or structural damage happens. The first refers to scratches, marks that cause minor and visible damage to the windows surface. The latter refers to bigger problems such as holes, chips and tears.

If your uPVC window has suffered from surface damages like indentations there are several complete and comprehensive surface repair kits available to the public that contain anything needed to make your window look like new again, such as soft and hard wax to fill in the damage, tools and gadgets used to melt the hard wax, as well as touch up pens and lacquers to give it a perfect finish. This kits are designed in a way in which all of their components are designed to weather in the fame was as PVC thus creating harmony.

On the other hand you uPVC window can be in dire need of some functional repairs, these are usually associated with the hardware of your window, like damaged handles, broken locks or irregular hinges. In this case it is possible to find the replacement parts for the majority of uPVC hardware fitted for windows. Luckily replacing hardware mechanisms on this windows can be fairly simple and risk free, especially when it come to the locks and gearbox, just make sure you order the correct bolts and screws.

How to buy 
Most countries and markets find a way to rate their products in order to determine their quality and protect the consumer. When shopping for a window, this rate does not necessarily indicate the safety, endurance and durability of an specific window. Even though rating processes are rigorous every window is set differently and most of the times when it comes to big companies their products are rated based on the company’s rate which produces a variety of windows of different qualities and prices. Therefore when uPVC window shopping there is certain useful things you might need to know.

First you need to check the uPVC Section, meaning the plastic used to make the window, in order to make sure it is of good quality make sure they offer a guarantee longer than 10 years, which will assure you the material won’t suffer from discolouring and warping. Another characteristic to look for the best uPVC quality is its double glazing, for heat and noise insulation, you should also check the glazing guarantee which should be at least a fifteen year warranty.

The next thing you should check is the locking system, make sure the company you are buying the windows from doesn’t use espage locking system, which is generally the cheapest one in the market and the most known to burglars, you should check for a shoot bolt mechanism which will enhance your safety. You should also make sure that your windows are fully welded, even though mechanical welding is still commonly used, over time with this system shrinking occurs allowing in air drafts.

A good window buyer should also take into account window handles, since there are several low quality handles used by many companies to make the product cheaper, the thing is that a bad quality handle can last up to 6 months and be costly to repair. The best thing to do is to make sure that the moving parts of the window come with a full guarantee. Furthermore, they should also revise the quality of the hinges and ensure they are included as part of the same guarantee. Finally, the last item to check are the interlockers, the 2 angle PVC blocks that help the sash lock properly and keeps it secured against the seal. This enhances the window’s security and temperature insulation.

We hope this helps you better understand the incredible benefits that installing uPVC windows can have for your home, the use of eco-friendly and sustainable home materials is definitely the construction of the future and uPVC windows are one step closer to the future.

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