Tudor Windows

Whether you live in a Tudor home with original period features or a modern property designed in a Tudor style, it’s important to stay true to the character of the building when looking to replace your windows. First Home Improvements can help you find the perfect Tudor-style window to complement the character of your home.

The Tudor style includes a number of window types with the most common being casement windows that open outwards to allow fresh air into the home. In original Tudor properties, these windows were typically tall and narrow, but many modern Tudor-style properties feature larger casement windows.

It is also quite common for Tudor properties to have bay windows that project from the second and third storeys of Tudor properties. Many modern Tudor-style houses will feature bay windows on the first floor. This ads a contemporary twist to the period style while also enhancing the flow of light into the living space.

The lattice effect on the glass of Tudor windows is perhaps its most defining feature. Originally, because large sheets of glass were difficult to make at the time, these windows were made by fitting small panes of glass into diamond or rectangular patterns. This lattice effect is now replicated through the use of glazing bars.

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