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Roof trim FAQs

When thinking about replacing old roof trim, including soffits and fascias, bargeboards, cladding, guttering and downpipes, there are bound to be important questions that come to mind. First Home Improvements have answered the most frequently asked questions about our Roofline products below.

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What are Roofline products?

Roofline products help protect your home from the great British weather including, issues created like decay and rot. The different types of roof trim include cladding, guttering, downpipes, fascias, soffits and bargeboards. By replacing your external timber roof trim with our quality uPVC Roofline products means you can forget about the endless round of repairing and repainting, as it will never crack, peel or flake.

How much will replacement soffits and fascia cost?

There are numerous factors involved with costing replacement soffits and fascias, including the amount of scaffolding needed, how much material your home requires, the number of people working on the job, the cost of removing and disposing of the old materials and how long the installation will take. Speaking to one of our fascia and soffit experts during your free quotation will give you a good idea of how much it will cost.

If you are replacing your fascias and soffits, you should consider replacing other parts of your roof trim at the same time, as it works out more cost effective, when consolidating the time, materials and people involved.

How much will replacement gutters cost?

When replacing guttering due to warping or cracking the price can be estimated based on the length that needs to be replaced, however, there are external factors that can make the price fluctuate. uPVC guttering is a cheaper option to iron guttering and if you replace your guttering, you may consider replacing other Roofline products at the same time.

What is cladding?

Cladding acts as the homes shield against environmental conditions to interiors, such as sunlight, rain, wind, snow and fire. Our uPVC cladding sheets both protect from damage but also serve as a decorative function as can come in a range of colours.

What is the difference between the cladding and a facade?

A façade is a vertical interface between interior and exterior spaces of a property, whereas cladding is a layer that we put over another to protect a home from weathering.

What is the difference between fascia and soffit?

Fascias are used to create a barrier between the edge of the roof and the outside. Typically, A soffit is additional coverage that sits along the edges of your roof and the adjacent walls of a house

Do my soffits require soffit vents?

Vents in soffits are not compulsory when updating your roof trim, however, they do offer temperature control benefits during the summertime, by allowing heat to escape when drawing air through the soffits upwards into the roof space.

What is the best way to clean downpipes, gutters and cladding?

All our Roofline products are made with uPVC, the great thing about uPVC is that it is durable and long lasting without requiring a huge amount of maintenance and can be wiped down as frequently as you like with a clean cloth and soapy water.

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