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A Consumer’s Guide to the Costs of Double Glazing

Buying a home is an expensive and stressful task, and sticking to a budget is frequently the most difficult aspect of the entire process. However, making your house your home can be a lot of fun because there are so many things you can tweak and make your own. Windows are one of those items that are frequently disregarded. In this article, we look at why double glazed windows are a good option for your home and the various factors that influence the cost of double glazing in the UK.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by a small space, which is then filled with dehydrated air, usually Xenon or Argon. This functions as insulation, reducing heat loss in the home. It is surprisingly affordable and helps to minimize your home’s carbon footprint by cutting energy consumption. Double glazed windows also help to reduce outside noise and can even be installed with crack-proof glass panes to help keep intruders out, improving your home security.

What Influences the Cost of Double Glazed Windows?

Because of their protective and insulating features, double glazed windows have become one of the most common glazing options for most homes in the UK. When you first start looking into how much replacing double glazed windows costs, you should anticipate paying at least 25%-35% more than you would for single glazed windows. Finding the best double glazing options at a reasonable price is critical, so we will go over what aspects may influence pricing and what to look for so that you can select the most cost-effective windows that are ideal for your home.


The style of the window will affect how much the double glazing costs. This is important because it applies to both double glazed and single glazed windows. Curved panes and intricate shapes will cost much more as they are likely to be more difficult to make and more difficult to install, so when choosing double glazed windows for your home and considering the cost of double glazed windows, make sure to select the style of window that is suitable for your home and within your budget.

Number of windows:

The quantity of windows is something to consider. Firstly, the more glass that is needed to be worked on, the more likely it is that a mistake can be made. Secondly, transportation costs are likely to increase as more glass is needed on site and glass is surprisingly heavy. And finally, it probably goes without saying that the manual labour required is increased to reduce hours per project, which depending on how many installers there are, will increase how much it costs to install or replace double glazed windows. On the other hand, many installers provide deals that make it more cost-effective to replace more windows at once, so be on the lookout for that bargain.

Frame size:

The size of the pane is also a factor in deciding the cost of replacing the double glazed window. Tall, large, and custom-shaped windows require more glass, frame material, and work to manufacture, and therefore cost more than standard-sized home windows. Also consider that much larger windows are awkward and heavy, making them difficult to handle and place.


Special window features, as a modern-day standard in new homes, always have additional costs, and things like double or triple glazed windows provide enhanced insulation and increased noise resistance due to the gap in the glass. Crack-resistant, tinted or coloured windows can also further increase how much double glazed windows cost. When searching for new replacement windows, remember to consider these options.


Vinyl, wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and plastic materials have varied benefits and are typically priced differently. Each has its own set of critical factors, such as performance components and hardware style, which influence the overall cost of double glazed windows.

Is it Worth It?

The reality is that having a lot of single-glazed windows or glass doors in the design of your home is not the most practical or energy-efficient thing to do because they are not properly insulated. Windows and doors account for around 30% of total energy loss in a home. The greater the number of windows, the greater the loss. The cost of double glazing may appear to be expensive at first, but it will end up saving you a lot by lowering the amount of money you would spend on heating and cooling your home. These artistically pleasing windows will also immediately boost your home’s selling value. 

So yes, we think they’re worth it, as they save you money while using them and help you make some of it back when you sell. 

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