Just £100 deposit and pay nothing until 2019!

Just £100 deposit and pay nothing until 2019!

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A+12 High Performance Double Glazing

Using proven technologies to give you the very best in energy efficient performance. Helping retain costly energy and exploit radiant heat from the sun to give you year-on-year energy savings.

5 Chamber Outerframe

The ultimate design to maximise strength as well as thermal, acoustic and security performance.

Q-Lon Weather Seal

Providing you with our innovative Q-Lon weather seal, offering exceptional performance over a wide temperature range. Improves weathering, acoustic and thermal performance year on year.

8 Point High Security Locking

Our SAC multi-point shootbolt locking system is specially designed to improve security and performance. Featuring 400% more shootbolt contact area when compared to traditional flat shootbolts.

Our Energy Efficient Double Glazing Windows - Solar Gain, Free Heat

Our windows are all rated A+ in terms of efficiency, and that means you get market-leading quality when you buy from us. We are confident that our windows beat those offered by most of our competitors.

Customers have become more conscious of energy ratings in recent years – partly because the government has put more focus on the ratings, partly because people are generally more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, and partly because energy-efficiency quickly translates into financial efficiency.

Our windows prevent the escape of internal heat from your home while allowing natural heat in, and you could see the amount of condensation reduce by as much as 80%.

In the short term, your heating bills could be cut considerably. But there’s also the impact on the future price of your home – having top-notch windows with great energy-efficiency will prove attractive to future buyers.

Good looks are just as important, of course, but you can rest assured that our windows hit the highest standards of energy-efficiency as well as being fabulously designed products.

The next windows you choose could reduce wasted home energy by up to 20%

If the windows in your home consist of single glazed or older double glazed units, replacing them with our energy efficient double glazed windows will save you money. It can reduce the energy you need to heat or cool your home by up to 20%.

Our double glazing windows also reduce condensation and noise.

Energy efficient windows – at the right price
Our energy efficient window system brings together market leading components to deliver exceptional performance. This means quality performing glass and Duralite, the best performing ‘warm edge’ spacer technology, is used in the sealed unit. Our window profiles include Q-Lon weather seals, multi chamber construction, high security locking and stainless steel hinges.

How do we do it?

The spacer
1) Warm edge spacers: Duralite – Up to 80% of a double glazed window’s energy loss occurs at the glass edge. Ordinary aluminium spacers are highly conductive. In winter they let heat escape and encourage condensation. That’s why our windows feature Duralite – a warm edge NON metal spacer. Duralite’s advanced composite construction is up to 22x more efficient at preventing heat transfer around the window edge. It also has a 60-75% lower vapour transmission rate, increasing window service life.

In thermal efficiency tests with identical glazing specifications, windows with Duralite spacers outperformed windows using aluminium or foam. Slim and reflective, Duralite doesn’t obstruct sightlines and mirrors the frame colour. Tested to EN1279, DuraGreen windows join over 50 million windows worldwide already using Duralite spacer technology.

The profile
2) Q-Lon weather seals – Our double glazed windows feature the innovative Q-Lon weather seals. Offering exceptional performance over a wide temperature range, they don’t shrink or stretch. Instead they retain their original shape year after year to maintain an excellent weather seal.

The unique construction actively absorbs noise pollution, increasing acoustic insulation. Immune to rot, mould, mildew, UV and ozone, CFC-free Q-Lon weather seals will last the lifetime of a window.

3) Multi-chamber construction and insulated beading Our multi chamber construction is designed to improve strength, thermal and acoustic performance.

4) Bevelled or featured sash, frame and beads The double clipped hollow glazing bead is designed to aid thermal performance.

Other features
Stainless steel friction hinges – High performance, superior quality.
High security shootbolt system – Peace of mind with ease of operation.

The glass
5) Pilkington glass Pilkington’s range offers proven products and technologies to meet a range of Window Energy Rating and Building Regulation requirements. Providing the Leading Low E glass in the UK, Pilkington also offers a good balance of U and G values, helping your customers to retain costly energy and exploit radiant heat from the sun. Our energy efficient double glazing windows can be specified to meet the requirements of the Pilkington Energikare scheme further assurance of the credentials of our superior window system.

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