Factors that affect the typical life span of a double-glazed window

How Long Does Double Glazing Last?

When it comes to how long double glazing lasts, the common view is that it may last anywhere between 20 and 35 years, depending on the quality of the supplier and the ability of the fitter. First Home Improvements firmly assures our customers of our professional work ethic and methods, as well as the quality of our products, with a 12-year warranty on all double glazing windows. We’ve compiled a list of factors that influence how long your double glazing will last, as well as a guideline for determining whether or not they need to be replaced.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Double Glazed Windows

Many factors can affect how long your double-glazed windows last, each home is different, and ultimately double glazed windows are going to last you a good long while. There are, however, some considerations that, if taken, can lengthen the lifespan you your windows even further. As mentioned before though, the lifespan of your windows and how long double glazing should last are primarily determined by the environment, the quality of the windows, and the installation quality. 

  • Quality of installation

The quality of your window is mainly dependent on its installation by a qualified installer. It will only function as long as it is properly seated in the opening, with no gaps, and completely sealed around all edges. Incorrectly installed windows cause water to enter between the brick and the frame, causing significant damping issues such as rotting timber frames and mildew in your home. 

  • Location

Are your windows protected or exposed to the elements? Consider the effect they have on how long double glazing lasts. Double glazing that is exposed to heavy weather and torrential rain will wear out faster than if it is protected. If you live near the coastline, the corrosive ocean water may also deteriorate your windows faster.

  • Temperature

The insulating Argon gas between the glass panes in the double-glazed sealed unit expands and responds to temperature variations. This is known as thermal pumping, and windows facing south in intense sunshine are typically the most vulnerable. Thermal pumping exerts strain on the double-glazed unit’s seals as it continually expands and contracts. This repeated cycle may cause cracks to develop and split where the pane meets the frame.

How do I know my Double Glazing Windows Need Replacing?

If you have double-glazed windows, you should be aware of how long they have lasted and when it is time to replace them. The longer you wait, the worse it’ll get. As additional moisture makes its way into your house, mould may begin to grow. This can have major consequences on your health. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on guesswork because there are several key indicators that it’s time to start receiving replacement prices.

  • Draughts

If you run your hands around the frame where it meets the sealed unit and it feels draughty and chilly, this means that either the seals around the frame have failed or the double-glazed unit itself has failed. If the unit fails, the gas that insulates the glass panes will escape, significantly reducing how long the double-glazing window will last. 

  • Condensation

Condensation on standard single pane windows is rarely a reason for worry as it usually means that the indoor humidity is greater than that of outside, and there are several simple solutions for this, but condensation inside double glazed windows should be taken more seriously. If the unit’s seals begin to fail, additional moisture will be pushed in due to thermal pumping, saturating the absorbent lining in the glass. It is this over-saturation that causes condensation and fog to form, and it is typically a rather evident sign that the unit needs to be replaced.

  • Windows don’t open and close properly

Another apparent, yet critical, indicator that you need to replace your double-glazed windows is if they are not working correctly. Windows are meant to open and close effortlessly. When this is no longer the case, it is not just inconvenient, but can also be dangerous. Proper ventilation is very important and sometimes just having a window open is necessary for health and comfort.

  • White dust

Although you may not notice condensation right away, once the absorbent within a window unit becomes saturated, it begins to deteriorate. It will effectively crumble apart as it degrades, and the particles will begin to float around inside the window panes, accumulating on the inside of the glass. This is an indication that your double-glazed unit is faulty and must be replaced soon, if not immediately.

Do Your Windows Need Replacing?

To summarise, knowing how long double-glazed windows will last comes down to them being high-quality double-glazed units that have been properly installed and maintained. Properly installed windows typically last at least two decades, if not longer. At First Home Improvements, we take pride in providing outstanding service and offering you complete peace of mind with a warranty that covers your windows for the majority of their expected lifespan. Please get in touch with us for more information or get a free quote on new double-glazed windows that is valid for up to two years.

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