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uPVC Windows, Doors, Conservatories and Roofline Products: Norwich, where it all Began

First Home Improvements provides a professional local service for high quality products and installations of windows, doors, conservatories, porches, roofline and garage doors. Our showroom covers the Norwich area including Dereham, Swaffham, Fakenham, Wymondham, Attleborough and beyond, so please get in contact and we’ll be ready to assist.

The history of our business

What happens here and how our uPVC products have evolved over the years:

1966 was a momentous year in many people’s lives, and in history too. Britain was great again after the War, England won the World Cup at Wembley Stadium against Germany, and Malcolm Debbage and Barry Tubby (two inspired Norfolk craftsmen) met at a technical training college. The latter would become a partnership that would last over 40 years, and would produce some fantastic customer relationships.

Post training, Barry started his own business. He was joined two weeks later by Malcolm. Debbage & Tubby was formed as a result, on 1st August 1971. Find out more here.

In order to consistently deliver the highest quality to our customers and maintain continuous product development, First Home has established long term relationships with selected market leading companies who match our values and high standards :

Due to our success, the name of First Home is becoming better known. As we expand into new areas this becomes a greater challenge. We have to decide how to advertise and increase brand awareness outside of East Anglia.

We focus on a selected postcode each week and aim to complete installations, across our product range, within days of each other. Every 18 months, or more, we revisit the postcode to look for new opportunities ;

Customer expectations of a window now stretch far beyond light and weatherproofing, to include a wide range of requirements:

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Customer Reviews

Mr Bott

Attleborough, Norfolk

“Just to say a big thank you to all at First. We have had wonderful service from the moment I opened the door to the salesman, until yesterday when the job was finished. Everything was done very well indeed. The two men who did the installation were brilliant.”

Mr & Mrs Green

Norwich, Norfolk

"First class product and first class service, highly recommended"

Our happy customers

Check out the responses from our many happy customers on our Testimonials page.

Windows play a vital role in the design aesthetics and energy performance of your home. They enhance the overall appeal of it and provide visual and physical connection between the outside and the inside. The rising demand of well designed windows in Norwich has led to innovations of texture, functions and quality of the windows. Apart from aesthetics, windows are expected to perform other functions, such as energy conservation, pollution control, insulation, optimizing day-lighting and noise reduction. These and other properties have propelled the growing use of uPVC windows. Here are all the important details you need to know about uPVC windows in Norwich.

The Difference Between PVC and uPVC

PVC, which means Polyvinyl Chloride, is a synthetic plastic polymer that is formed chemically. It is made in flexible and rigid forms. Plasticizers are added to the compound to make more flexible. uPVC, on the other hand stands for unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. Even though uPVC is not as flexible as PVC it isn’t dangerous or toxic to the environment. It comes with a large variety of colors and it highly preferred by most homeowners in Norwich. Of course, we do not only major on windows. For uPVC doors Norwich based First Home are indeed the first choice.
Checkout our range of uPVC Doors here.

Top Reasons Why uPVC Windows are Popular in Norwich

They Enhance the Overall Appeal of Your Home

uPVC windows come in a wide range of sizes,colours and styles. Whether your Norwich home is modern or Victorian, large or small, there is a size, shape and style that will suit your home.

They are Highly Durable and Tough

For uPVC windows Norwich based First Home creates tough, durable and stylish products. They can last for more than 100 years, especially if they are well installed and maintained. These windows are tested for ultraviolet resistance to ensure they will not fade in the harsh sun. They have a strong layer of galvanized steel, making them very difficult to break. This saves you from being victims of robbers and thieves.

They Provide Thermal Comfort

Unlike metals, window frames made from uPVC do not transfer heat, and thus contribute to a more consistent internal temperature. In fact, these windows are highly energy efficient if they are double glazed. Manufacturers claim that installing replacement windows can help Norwich and Norfolk homeowners save up to 40 percent of their energy costs.

They are Easy to Install and Clean

Plasticized PVC windows are much easier to install than other types of windows. Additionally, they have a moisture and stain resistant surface that makes cleaning spills easy. You do not need special cleaners to keep them in a top shape.

They are Resistant to Fire and Collision

Windows made from uPVC are resistant to fire. In fact, they fulfill a class 1 fire resistance. This is quite advantageous to Norwich homeowners especially if there is a fire breakout. More importantly, they are not prone to corrosion and salt erosion. This makes them last longer than any other materials.

These are just some of the top reasons why uPVC windows are very popular in Norwich and Norfolk. To ensure that your replacement windows in Norwich are installed correctly, you should hire qualified Norwich window installation contractors to handle the project on your behalf.

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