Contora Glass

Contora textured glass is a little less popular but as robust as the Cotswold option. This textured glass provides near complete privacy and will let very little be seen from another room. How this glass is orientated in its specific application may affect the look and feel of the glass.

Contora glass is a textured glass that comes in a standard thickness of 4mm and obscurity with a privacy level of 4 (medium/high obscuration), you can only just see through this glass but without any detail. 

Contora textured glass can be used in doors and windows for single and double-glazed applications and can be toughened for more durability depending on your installation needs. 

At First Home Improvements, we offer a wide variety of processing treatments to our Contora textured glass including:

  • Toughening for windows and doors that are within 30cm of a door or 80cm from a finished floor,
  • Holes for fixtures and fittings, and
  • Radius corners and rounded edges,

There are different lead times required for the preparation of your new Contora glass panels, but a safe estimate would be to give us at least 3 weeks, but this will depend on your specific requirements. 

Get in touch with one of our agents to get an obligation-free quotation and time estimate.

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